Notice Regarding Access to Domain Name

I regret to inform you that Wolf & Son Solutions, Inc., the original owners of Aginet, have been forced to restrict access to the "" domain name due to a contract violation by NCISP/SEVD the current recipients of your monthly payments. NCISP has been collecting monthly payments from you since February 2008 without any legal right. Any money you paid to them since then was collected without authorization or legal basis.

NCISP has significant outstanding obligations to Wolf & Son Solutions, Inc. that have not been satisfied since February 2008. NCISP has not been able to provide any evidence that they are not party to these obligations and have in fact made every effort to stonewall our communication with them since 2008. Not until, 3/31/10, were we able to speak with Bill Stewart the owner of NCISP. His employees appeared to resist all attempts to reach Mr. Stewart during this long time period. Once we spoke to Mr. Stewart, he claimed to have no knowledge of the contract his company had with us.  He was made aware of the details of the agreement and admitted liability but refused to settle the manner. He put all blame on his employees for supposedly not telling him we were trying to reach him.

During this time period, NCISP also intercepted personal and business accounts of the original owners and refused to turn over their contents. NCISP used the contents of these e-mails to take multiple domain names that were registered under these addresses.

Disabling the "" domain name is an extremely unfortunate act as we know it will affect you the end user. We are extremely sorry for this action, but it is the only one we can take with a party that has done everything they can to escape their obligations for such a long period of time.

If you have questions regarding this manner please contact from a NON e-mail address. We can provide a limited number of users with free e-mail addresses. When e-mailing us to request an e-mail account please provide a NEW password so we can set you up right away.

We are unable to help you with access to any e-mail that was stored on the NCISP/SEVD Servers. We suggest contacting the following employees/owners of NCISP/SEVD.
Update 03/24/2011:
As of today no one from SEVD has contacted us to dispute any of the statements on this page or attempt to resolve this situation.

Update 03/19/2012:
Bill Stewart is now working for American Healthcare Capital (Linkedin Profile). I wonder if they are aware of his past.


Contact Information:
Bill Stewart
Brampton Capital
Cell: 704-449-4697